This service is provided by a community based in Sri Lanka. 

Our primary purpose is to provide a Bible who cannot afford one.

Please refer to the following conditions before requesting for a Bible:

  • We do not provide Bibles to organizations, churches, missionaries, or schools. Our sole objective is to provide free Bibles to individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own.
  • This community exclusively sends Bibles within Sri Lanka only using funds allocated to it.
  • The Languages of the Bible is distributed in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.
  • If you submit our request form, we may contact you for additional information prior sending it to the given postal address.
  • As a result of requests each day and limited funding, it may take some time to process depending on the request and distribution policies.
  • Bibles are limited to one per person. Please order for yourself only, as we do not fulfill orders made on behalf of others.
  • We do provide the King James Version (KJV) in English  and the Old Version (OV) in Sinhala & Tamil.
  • We will make certain that we give an uniform size, precise version, and that it is durable Bible.